Cultural Immersion for Au Pairs Weekend at TCU 2013

Here is the information many of you have been waiting for on the class held in Dallas that counts as 3 credits.  Woo Woo
Au Pair Weekend at TCU May 17 – 19, 2013
Hello Au Pairs and Au Pairs Host Families,
Many of you have either attended one of the Cultural Immersion Weekends for  Au Pairs at TCU or have inquired about our Au Pair weekends.  This is just to let you know that we will be holding another weekend program on May 17-19th at TCU.  We have opened registration and would love to have you come join us.
I have attached the flyer with some information about the weekend.  If you  have any questions, you can email me or call me at 817/257-6591 and I will  get back to you as soon as possible. We will continue to take registrations  through May 10th as long as we have room. The steps to register online are: Go to; then click on COURSES; then click on PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT; then click on CULTURAL IMMERSION FOR AU PAIRS; then ENROLL YOURSELF.
For those who register, I will send out a packet of information with all the details in April.

Barbara Alvarez Instructor Intensive English Program/ENFL/Au Pair Programs Texas Christian University Fort Worth, Texas 76129 817/257-6591

Thursday, 10 January 2013 10:18 AM


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